Local Care was founded by Dirk Jan Warnaar and Marianne de Bruin.
The foundation was a result of their close involvement with aid projects in Eastern Europe,
and also the work of Hans and Tanya Schröter with children from troubled families in Kherson-Ukraine.

Local Care was established in December 2008 in the Netherlands.
The main goal was to support the work of Hans and Tanya Schröter, living in Kherson, Ukraine.
Friends of Dirk Jan and Marianne joined the foundation and together – seven people in total – they make up the board of Local Care.
Through donations and all kinds of fundraising activities small-scale projects are supported, such as support to children in orphanages,
payment of surgeries for children and hearing aids for schools in Rivne and Kherson.
Ukranian pastors Father Anastasy and Pastor Viktor are also being supported financially to help them carry out
their important work for psychiatric patients and children in orphanages.
The organization of summer camps is for example an important part of the support to these children.

Unfortunately Hans Schröter passed away unexpectedly in May 2012.
He is missed dearly and we are very grateful for all the work he has done in the past years.
We are very happy that his wife Tanya will continue his work.

However, Local Care does not only work in the Ukraine.
In Moldavia several girls from an orphanage were able to get an operation on their legs and many children have been able
to undergo eye surgery with the help of Local Care.
Both in the Ukraine and in Bosnia-Herzegovina young people are supported financially so they can buy schoolbooks
and/or pay for their education.

In Bosnia-Herzegovina several poor families are given a cow, so that they can support themselves again.

This special kind of development aid has proved to be very successful and has expanded to Pakistan.
As a result of floods and earthquakes many families in Pakistan have lost everything.
Local Care took the initiative to start a cow project together with the Pakistani aid organization PMS.
This project is now running very well.

A spontaneous and big project was the fundraising activity for Haïti after the earthquake in 2010.
Thanks to the support of many companies, associations, private donations and all the schools in Bodegraven,
100.000 euro was raised for the building of new houses for affected families.

Local Care is an organization run by volunteers and for that reason it has very low costs.